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Buying Vs. Renting

Buying ~VS~ Renting in the San Francisco Bay Area
It can be a hard decision when it comes to a choice of buying real property or renting it. For many it is a matter of convenience, maintenance, expense or financial planning. The simple truth is that owning real property of any kind in the San Francisco Bay Area will definitely appreciate in value over time.

Small business owners often struggle with having to pay high rents where if the business owned the building, some of the space could be rented to other businesses. Homeowners have to pay on the note every month where renters are paying someone else’s note for the property. With extremely high prices for Bay Area real estate there is really no way to go around having to sacrifice in some way to get into the market. Banks and lenders have to find new ways of creative financing every month to provide ways for first time home buyers to enter the market. Team Enterprise knows that everyone who can afford to own real property in the Bay Area will create wealth and prosperity as a result. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to owning or renting:

Some advantages to renting property:

· Little maintenance
· No caring for a yard or area
· It costs less to get in
· No property tax expense
· Many rental units have amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gym, hot tub, etc.
· It is easier to move to another location
· In most cases rent will be less of a payment than the payment of the note for an owner.
· In most cases less insurance coverage is required

Some advantages to owning property:

· More space
· More storage
· In most cases the ability to re-model, paint, or set up the space without getting permission.
· Tax benefits and or deductions
· Property tends to go up in value over time creating a higher net worth
· Property owners generally have higher credit scores
· No landlord to raise the rent
· A stronger sense of security and belonging
· A stronger sense of accomplishment
· Assets can be leveraged and borrowed against

Owning real estate is a big responsibility and should be looked at like an investment because it really is. It is much nicer to have the freedom to make changes and be in control of property rather than having someone else use that leverage. A landlord is taking in rents to cover the note to the lender and also to make a profit. If a renter is paying $1500.00 a month, (just to pick a number), that would be $18000.00 a year that was paid to someone else. The same dollar amount over five years would be $90,000.00 that was spent paying someone else’s note to their lender. This in addition to market appreciation could ad up to be a significant amount of money. There are also many tax advantages to be had for property owners. Team Enterprise would advise speaking to a CPA or a financial planner to obtain more specific details. The very moderate climate in the San Francisco Bay Area allows for many different species of plants, trees and flowers to grow well and the great weather 9 months of the year in inviting. The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live, work, start a business, and invest in real property. Call us today to help with a real estate transaction or to consult about Bay Area Real Estate. Team Enterprise is here to help!

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