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What is marketing? Marketing by definition is “ the total of activities involved in the moving of goods from the producer to the consumer, including selling, advertising, etc.” Our goal for marketing is to follow this definition. The total of activities involved in the transferring of title from the seller to the buyer, including selling, advertising, networking, etc.

Team Enterprise understands current real estate markets and realizes that statistics show more than eighty percent of properties are sold by other real estate professionals. Team Enterprise is part of RE/MAX ACCORD an industry leader in Bay Area Real Estate transactions. We utilize the power of technology and network marketing along with compensation to ensure the sale of real property. The three main factors for selling real estate are:

* Marketing
* Price
* Location

It has been our experience that the greatest property in the world will not sell if these elements are not done correctly. Selling real estate is a process and takes a lot of skill to do it successfully and properly. Here are some of the things that are done by our team.


Team Enterprise does a very thorough and complete market analysis in order to determine our pricing strategy. We also contact other brokers who have comparable properties in order to determine what specific features the subject property has or does not have on a comparable basis. This is a very important part of selling a property or not selling a property. No two properties are exactly the same and fair and accurate adjustments need to be made in order to determine a completely accurate market value.


We want to know everything we can find out about the property. It is important to know the property history, demographics, signs of obsolescence, an average of the active, pending, and sold properties in the area, how the schools are ranked, what the percentage of sell through is in the area, and the average days on the market. Team Enterprise always makes it a point to talk directly with other real estate professionals in the area to understand what is being done by others to market properties for sale in the area.


Research has proven that the vast majority of real estate purchasers are using on-line resources to start searching for properties. We want to capture this market and use the following tools to help network our clients properties we have for sale.

·Market the property for sale on,, over twenty leading internet portals and (the largest consumer property data base in the world) There is a reason why RE/MAX sells more property world wide than anyone else.
· Market the property with professionally made flyers that are sent electronically to over 10,000 real estate professionals upon listing the property
· Take and display the maximum number of digital photos to be place on the MLS, and more than twenty other internet real estate portals to gain maximum exposure. We market our listings on a global scale.
· Create and provide a visual tour of the property for sale to be directly linked to all of our online resources including, yahoo, and craigslist
· Market our properties for sale on-line through our personal networks and past relationships with brokers with have done business with in the past.

Direct Marketing

· Market the property to our office and conduct an office tour of the property
· Market the property to the local board of realtors and show the property on the brokers tour
· Walk the neighborhood in person and knock on the surrounding doors inviting the neighbors to a special preview of the property
· Place a secure lockbox on the property for real estate professionals to gain access
· Place a sign on the property for sale with contact information and an 800 number with free recorded information.
· Have full color flyers and photos on the premises for other agents to view
· Leave room for adjustment. No two transactions are ever the same and sometimes need to be adjusted in order to achieve maximum results.

Counter all offers

· It is very important to counter all offers to bring the highest price with the best terms.
· Present the counter offers to the client


· Team Enterprise communicates with our clients every week both verbally and in writing. We do not like to leave our clients uninformed about where the process is.

Marketing is an ongoing process to bring buyers who are ready to purchase properties for sale. Salesmanship is to convince the potential buyers that our listings are right for them. Business experience is negotiating the deal, having a solid contract, tightening the terms, and completing the transaction through the close of escrow. Team Enterprise has all of these skills and pride ourselves with many satisfied clients and successful sales. Contact us today to help with your real estate transactions or sales / purchase strategies.

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Team Enterprise
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